About the conference


At any point of the day, there is a sick, dying patient that the Emergency Department staff is fighting to keep alive. The emergency physicians see the very sick and injured patients and have direct impact on their lives. The doctors and nurses in this field work as a team under intense pressure against the unpredictable, and always attempt to come out on top.

Studies have proven that the presence of trained Emergency Medicine staff in the emergency departments is of great benefit to the sick and injured patient population and the survival rate increases, morbidity and mortality decreases.

Our Goal

To have Trained and up-to-date medical staff working in the Emergency department setting to enhance the quality of health care provided to all patients in the ED.

Discuss the best evidence based clinical practices for assessing, diagnosis and treating acutely ill and injured patients.

Discuss the best methods in the management tools to deal with busy emergency departments, overcrowding and issues with bed allocation within the ED and hospital.